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I have XML file with the following sequence:

    <ActionPlace Id="1626">
    <ActionPlace Id="1690">

I should remove all "ActionPlace" nodes that doesn't have Id attribute in the list of "Actions". In this case "ActionPlace" node with Id attribute = 1690 should be removed.

I've tried this:

var placesElement = new XElement("ActionPlaces");

IEnumerable<XElement> placeElements =
    placesInfos.Select(pi =>
        new XElement("ActionPlace",
            new XAttribute("Id", pi.Id),
            new XElement("PlaceName", pi.PlaceName.RemoveInvalidXmlChars())));

IEnumerable<XElement> actions = root.Elements("Actions").Elements("Action");

foreach (var placeElement in placeElements)
    bool bFound = false;
    foreach (var actionElement in actions)
        if (placeElement.Attribute("Id").Value == actionElement.Element("PlaceId").Value)
            bFound = true;

    if (!bFound)


But, there's an error: "The parent element is missing" on: placeElement.Remove();

What I'm doing wrong or could it be done in another way?

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