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I created component BannerUpload which extends core Upload component. I have property UploadedFile inside this component. But I don't see any way to pass it to the value parameter of parent class. I've tried to define method UploadedFile defaultValue() but it didn't help as it's meant for container...

public class BannerUpload extends Upload {
    private UploadedFile bannerUpload;

    public void doUpload() {
        // ... upload file ....
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You could use a mixin and @BindParameter instead of extending the upload component. If you set a field marked with @BindParameter, this will be pushed through to the component. I'm not sure if this annotation also works in subclasses?


<t:upload t:mixins="mymixin" />

public class MyMixin {
    private UploadedFile value;

    void initializeValue() {
        // set value here


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