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The issue is like this:

  • I created a Google-App-Engine's HelloWorld demo supplied by PyDev in Eclipse, and then I just run the demo project, I browse the localhost:8080 and it succeeds.

  • But then I stop the project and start it again (or just restart it) through the buttons, the browser couldn't show me a page from localhost:8080, the browser keeps asking for the response and couldn't get it.

  • I've googled it for about 5 hours. And finally, I found where the issue lay on. First, when the helloworld project start, 2 python.exe process will be added into the taskmgr. When you terminate the project from the PyDev, there is no error sign there, but only 1 python.exe process was terminated and the other one still remains even if you close the Eclipse. So these python.exe still have the control of the port 8080, and the new instance of python.exe created by the relaunch action couldn't use the port 8080. So, the browser couldn't get a response back. If you keep doing relaunch the project, the number of python.exe in the tasklist may become 10+. I've tried use the Windows cmd to start the project and 2 process start when the start of the project and 2 process terminated when the terminate of the process.

  • Changing the port 8080 which the project use to others couldn't solve the issue. If you start and stop by using the Google's client of Google-App-Engine. It just works well, there is no extra python.exe process remain in the tasklist.

  • By the way, I've tried to update those software to the newest version for now and reinstall them. But the issue still exists.

  • I've tried to use the pythonw.exe instead of python.exe as the interpreter, the issue still exists.

Here is some environment data below:

  1. OS: Win7x64 SP1
  2. Eclipse: 4.3
  3. PyDev: 2.8.2
  4. Google-App-Engine: 1.8.4
  5. Python: 2.7.5 x86

According to those details I mentioned above, I could believe that the issue comes from the PyDev but I can't find the solution or the way to submit the issue to the PyDev project team.

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Finally it works well on Ubuntu. I think this is the easiest way for me to solve the problem. –  myme5261314 Sep 18 '13 at 17:47

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