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I added activeadmin in my Gemfile.

I ran:

rails g active_admin:install Admin User
rake db:migrate

Then I ran:

bundle exec rake test:integrations

and I got this error:

Click at co-ordinates [330.5, 714] failed. Poltergeist detected another element 
with CSS selector 'html body div#ui-datepicker-div.ui-datepicker.ui-widget.ui-widget-content.ui-helper-clearfix.ui-corner-all div.ui-datepicker-header.ui-widget-header.ui-helper-clearfix.ui-corner-all div.ui-datepicker-title span.ui-datepicker-month' 
at this position. It may be overlapping the element you are trying to click.

I tried excluding the activeadmin js and css as recommended in this post, but I still get the error.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to solve this?

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I am assuming the message is from a failing capybara step. I ran into this issue today when using the following against an ajax form:


Unfortunately on occasion it was returning the very frustrating overlapping css error. What I did was to use this method instead:


And hey presto works every time :)

Hope this helps.

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This answer does fix the problem, but I think a more interesting question is why Poltergeist cares about overlapping elements. HTML elements overlap all the time, what gives in this case to raise the exception?! –  mecampbellsoup Nov 7 '14 at 17:07
I agree, this answer provides a work-around fix to get past this. I guess join the troops and log an issue with phantomjs. –  Dono Nov 11 '14 at 13:06
@mecampbellsoup if I understand correctly the message could be clearer: it's telling you not just that the elements overlap, but that the overlapping element is blocking you from clicking the element you intended to click. –  SamStephens May 14 at 18:09

I was getting this bug because I tested a hover and then needed to click on the link underneath the tooltip. The solution was to add page.find('.sp-logo').hover before click_link to get the tooltip out of the way.

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I had another bug where find_link on Chrome and Poltergeist could not click an A tag with an EM tag and some text inside of it, although it worked fine in Firefox and rack_test. The solution was to replace click_link(link) with find('a em', text: link).click. Unfortunately, this doesn't work on rack_test, resulting in this hack:

When /^I click the emphasized text "([^\"]*)"$/ do |link|
  if Capybara.current_driver == :rack_test
    find('a em', text: link).click
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