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I have a problem with the animation queue of my message box...

I've made a function to notify the user about errors or informations from the application. The message is displayed during 5 seconds (delay), but the user has the possibility to hide it by clicking the cross button in the msgbox.

What I wanted : calling notify() will slideDown my msgbox and auto fadeOut() it after 5 seconds. Recalling notify() before the 5 seconds delay will hide() the current msgbox and slide Down a new msgbox which will again auto fadeOut() after 5 seconds.

What really appends with my code : If I recall my "notify()" function before the end of the delay, the msgbox will be hided correctly, but the delay of the fresh displayed msgbox will be shorter than my 5 seconds...

I tried with the jQuery function ".stop(true,true)" to reset the delay but it doesn't work. Has anyone an idea how to solve my problem ?

Here is a fiddle of my snippet : http://jsfiddle.net/wvqkT/ . To see the problem, click the button, wait 2 seconds then re click the button. Do it 5 times and you'll see that the msgbox will disappear too soon...

Here is the code of my function

function notify(type, message) {
$('#notificationMessage').stop(true, true).hide();
var classes = 'info warning success error';
var types = classes.split(' ');
var title = "";

if (type === types[0]) {
    title = "Information";
} else if (type === types[1]) {
    title = "Attention";
} else if (type === types[2]) {
    title = "Succès";
} else if (type === types[3]) {
    title = "Erreur";
} else {
    title = "Information";
    type = types[0];
$('#notificationMessage h3').empty().append(title);
$('#notificationMessage p').empty().append(message);
$('#notificationMessage').slideDown({ queue: false }).delay(5000).fadeOut(3000); }

    notify($('#type').val(),"This is the message to show....");

Thanks for your help

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The problem is that you cannot cancel Delay() you should use setTimeout() instead.

var timeout;
function notify(type, message) { 
    //..your old code here
        timeout = setTimeout(function() { $(this).fadeOut(3000) }, 5000);


From the jQuery page:

The .delay() method is best for delaying between queued jQuery effects. Because it is limited—it doesn't, for example, offer a way to cancel the delay—.delay() is not a replacement for JavaScript's native setTimeout function, which may be more appropriate for certain use cases.

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Yes it works. Thanks for your help. –  Miam84 Sep 12 '13 at 13:59

As for jquery 1.9, you can now use finish() method which will clear timeout used by delay method { hooks.stop.call( this, true ); }

NOTE: in your sample code, you need then to push slideDown() method in queue, not explicitly using queue: false



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