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I use web deploy command line batch files to sync Staging and Production servers.

Production server has some virtual directories that are being shared between nodes (on Shared Drive).

I would like to skip virtual directory bindings from being synced ?

Can anyone help me with a switch that does it efficiently!

I appreciate your help.


  • Virtual Directory Images on Development server is binded to a share drive on LOCAL NAS.
  • where as on Production it is binded to a shared drive (Different Location).
  • when i sync production environment with development the binding of virtual directory Changes to LOCAL NAS.
  • I would like to stop virtual directory binding synchronization.


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I think you can use the -skip parameters (although, I have never applied them to Virtul Directories as I usually sync specific web apps, not entire web servers). E.g.


See the manual on TechNet:


Special Shortcuts

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This does not serve purpose. I am trying to stop the bindings from being synced. –  HawkEye Sep 19 '13 at 14:05

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