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1- I have already used the following frameworks (Event based client-server) on GWT projects, and works fine with RPC call architecture.

After searching, i found a lot of frameworks that treat the client server messaging exchange problem:

2- Jboss Errai framework

Great messaging service but i've not used it. I searched for only errai bus usage with gwt but nothing founded.

3- Atmosphere Framework

Seem to do same thing like comet but i've not used it. http://async-io.org/tutorial.html

4- WebSocket

5- Spring-Integration-Cometd

6- Spring WebSocket


I want to develop a project with Spring roo and GWT. As Spring roo gwt based on RequestFactory architecture.

I think that we can use Comet or gwteventservice with RequestFactory architecture, but we need AutoBean to generate client side Entity interface on server side.

My question concern GWT RequestFactory :

How to integrate one of the frameworks above in gwt projects based on RequestFactory architecture? Is there any example ?!


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