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I had a simple sql plus command, which writes the content of a query with the help of spool on/off. The spool generates a comma-separated .csv file. Then this simple file had been imported into a program, which processes the data. I don't have the source of that program, we just use it.

Later I created a Java program, which wants to do the same that the sql plus command did, so put the query results into a .csv file. It generates the file, everything is the same than the older files, but the import process doesn't want to proceed the data.

Here is the sql plus command (I used the following settings):

Clear Buffer;
Clear Breaks;
Clear Columns;
Clear Computes;
TTitle Off;
BTitle Off;
Set Echo Off;
Set Heading Off;
Set NewPage 0;
Set PageSize 0;
Set LineSize 244;
Set Space 0;
Set Feed Off;
Set RecSep Off;
Spool import.csv;
Select line
    From table
        Order By id;
Spool Off;

And then in the Java program:

PreparedStatement ps = connection.prepareStatement("Select rpad(line, 244, ' ') From table Order By id");
ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();
PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter("import.csv", "UTF-8");
while(rs.next()) {

What I am facing:

  • the file contents are the same
  • the size of them are the same
  • opened with Notepad++, and check the HEX view (with plugin) shows the same, no difference
  • and one interesting fact, if I asked someone else, to import the file, he manages to
  • and if I open an old file generated with sql plus, and copy the contents of the new java-generated file into the old, then the import program can process the old -> so I think that there is problem with the new file...

My question is: does anybody have idea what else to check in this case? May it depend on Java version? Or did I missed something I didn't recognize? Or does it depend on operation system settings? Maybe an idea can help me to solve this issue.

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Try to provide details for "the import process doesn't want to proceed the data". Since (according to you) your Java program runs fine (produces identical text file) and has nothing to do with import into 3rd-party program, I do not see anything about Java to be relevant. –  PM 77-1 Sep 12 '13 at 17:36
Does your file cross the boarder between Windows and UNIX in any way? If so, it could create problems with line terminators (CR+LF vs. LF). –  PM 77-1 Sep 12 '13 at 17:39
Firstly thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can't provide more details, because the import program returns with nothing, just exiting. When the data is wrong in the file, it returns with the line which is wrong, but in this case nothing, that's why I don't know the exact problem. I checked the line terminators, and they are the same in the good old file and the bad new file: 'CR+LF' –  KatieAmber Sep 16 '13 at 11:41
So, what you're saying is that SQL Plus and your Java program produce seemingly identical files, but 3rd-party program treats them differently. SQL Plus file is imported OK, while Java file is not imported at all, right? You also state that it happens only to you and others do not experience this problem with exactly the same file. Do these others access this file any differently than you? –  PM 77-1 Sep 16 '13 at 13:37

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