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We have multiple users in our team and would like to use a single installation of Play! from a common location. I installed 1.2.4 release at /opt on our Unix server, changed permissions on directories and sub-directories that everyone had write access on them. Also everyone is having execute permissions on play shell script.

play help works fine.

But creation of a new sample application doing play new todolist fails throwing an error message :

"Oops - Something went wrong! Exception: java.io.FileNotFoundException: ..../todolist/project/Build.scala (Permission denied)"

Build.scala exists at the specified location but has 444 permissions. It seems the creation of new skeleton project somehow creates file with wrong permissions and the owner doesn't have write permissions.

My umask settings seem to be correct : 0022

None of the problems happen when I install play in my local home directory. Seems to be some permissions issue.

Has anyone figured out how to make play! installation work from a single common installation! We would like to avoid everyone having Play! installation in their home directories and then going through the pain of regular updates when versions change.

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