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I'm accessing the webcam with this code:

getUserMedia( { 'video': true }, success, failure );

Now I'd like to get the highest resolution possible, up to a limit of 720 vertical pixels, so I change it to this:

getUserMedia( { 'video': {
    'optional': [
        { 'height': { 'max': 720 } },
        { 'maxHeight': 720 }
} }, success, failure );

But it does nothing. I still get a video which is 480 pixels high.

Weirdly, if I change it to use min instead of max, it sort-of works in Chrome (it chooses the highest resolution available, with no limit). Adding a max makes it fail again. None of these seem to work in FireFox.

I realise constraints are still not really standard, but is there any way with the current state of things to reliably do this?

Update: turns out FireFox only supports 640x480, so this question will have to be Chrome-only for now.

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Probably because max resolution is the maximum resolution you want while min res is the minimum you want. –  Pablo Karlsson Aug 5 at 8:33
@PabloKarlsson well, yes, so setting a max of 720 would, logically, choose 720 if it's possible, but never allow anything higher. But it seems it doesn't, or at least didn't when I was testing this. I haven't tested lately but I think this may have been fixed in a more recent release of Chrome. –  Dave Aug 5 at 10:36
I think it could chose nothing that was larger than 720px. That what max means it says nothing about the lower bound. Just how large it can maximally be. –  Pablo Karlsson Aug 5 at 11:03
I found this link webrtchacks.com/how-to-figure-out-webrtc-camera-resolutions explains a bit more. –  Pablo Karlsson Aug 5 at 11:04

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