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Is there a short-hand OCaml notation for a function that could be implemented like this:

match e with
  Mycons ( _ ) -> true
  | _ -> false

I was thinking along the lines of typeof(e) == Mycons but i didn't find anything yet.

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There is a shorter notation:

let isMycons a = function | Mycons(_) -> true | _ -> false

Is a one liner and as elegant as a match.

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I've often wanted something like this, though "type equality" is not a good name for it (IMHO). Mycons is a value constructor; it represents a value not a type. For nullary constructors you can use something like ((=) None), but other than this I haven't found a more concise way to write it.

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Pierre Weis wanted to implement a compact notation for something similar to this. His idea was that record.field, Module.value, Module.Module were taken but value.Constructor remained available to denote the argument(s) of value if value was a Constructor. I presume this notation would have returned () if value was the 0-ary constructor Constructor and raised an exception if it wasn't. –  Pascal Cuoq Sep 12 '13 at 18:56
Good point, I was also quite annoyed by calling it "type inequality" since that was a constructor thing. –  Gurg Hackpof Sep 13 '13 at 13:32

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