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I get a bat file as below:

@ECHO Executing scripts...

for %%X in (*.SQL) do SQLCMD -S localhost -d CTL  -I -i "%%X" >> ResultScript.txt


In this I want to has user inputs for localhost (Sql server instance) and CTL (database). How can this be achieved in DOS (os: WinXP)


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SET /P variable=PromptString

So your batch file would be something like this

@ECHO Executing scripts... 
SET /P sqlServer=Please enter SQLServer: 
SET /P CTL=Please enter CTL:
for %%X in (*.SQL) do SQLCMD -S %sqlServer% -d %CTL%  -I -i "%%X" >> ResultScript.txt 

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How did you guess the exact user inputs I wanted? Spooky! –  briantyler Sep 16 '11 at 16:25

Use parameter markers, where %1 refers to the first parameter, %2 the second, and so forth.:

for %%X in (*.SQL) do SQLCMD -S %1 -d %2  -I -i "%%X" >> ResultScript.txt

If your batch file was called ExecScript.bat, your user would run it as

ExecScript instancename databasename

You'll probably want to add a test above the for loop to make sure both parameters are passed in. Running SQLCMD with a blank instance and database wouldn't work too well.

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