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I notice in Grails controllers, there is a params Object in the Controller and a params object on the request.

What's the difference?

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params in controllers is defined in GetParamsDynamicProperty as:

paramsMap = new GrailsParameterMap(request);

request.params is defined in GrailsWebRequest as:

if (originalParams == null) {
    originalParams = new GrailsParameterMap(getCurrentRequest());
params = (GrailsParameterMap)originalParams.clone();

Both are created from the current request and should contain the same data.

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params in controller is a property (viz, getParams()) in Grails Controller Artefact which represents the request parameters as a mutable HashMap, which gives the flexibility to get modified in the app.

In contrast to request.getParameterMap(), which gives you an immutable map and you cannot modify it as you do in params.

Being said that, I suppose you were referring to parameterMap instead of params in request. :)

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