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When unit testing a Laravel project, macros are not registered and application events are not fired. For example, with the following file required from app/start/globals.php:

// app/helpers/nav.php

var_dump("nav.php loaded");

App::before(function($request) {
    var_dump("app::before called");

    HTML::macro('nav_link', function(..) { .. });

HTML::macro('nav_link', function(..) { .. });

Only the first var_dump will be printed. It seems that the App::before event is not called. Additionally, even outside the event, the HTML::macro call is not registered (a BadMethodCallException is thrown when it is attempted to be used). These work fine in normal usage.

The test case is fairly simple:


class ExampleTest extends TestCase {

    public function testBasicExample() {
        $crawler = $this->client->request('GET', '/');
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I've found the right scenario for adding helpers:

  1. Originally I had them as PHP functions - meaning that the file they were in had to be require_once. As the app can be reloaded for each test (without clearing the internal included-files cache), these files weren't included on subsequent tests. a. Converted all appropriate functions to HTML::macro.
  2. The App::before event is actually bound as a before filter on the router - which is not called by default (either remove the App::before or call Route::enableFilters() for each test).
  3. Include the files that only contain macros from app/start/globals.php using require, not require_once. These need to be registered each app load (each test).
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