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This is more of a learning exercise but I was hoping this would helpful.

I want to create a function like this:

function array_to_array ($stuff, $new_type){
    $new_stuff = $stuff -as $new_type

I'm having a problem passing in strings or even a value such as [char] for the new_type. I'm thinking I would need to do something like $type = [char] but I'm trying to keep it as string-based as possible?

Is there anyway to do this? Such as activating a string?

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You can do:

[type] $new_type = "string"

In function, it would be:

function array_to_array ($stuff, [type]$new_type){
    $new_stuff = $stuff -as $new_type

array_to_array 1 "string"
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The function works exactly as desired. Thanks! It appears that [type]$new_type in the function will cast a string such as "string" or "DateTime" when called. The array methods work as well for instance "May 1, 2012", "June 1, 2013" "DateTime[]" – Trevor Tiernan Sep 12 '13 at 17:49

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