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I am new to shell programming

I have a command sed -i '$d' ~/.bash_history which works fine.I wanted to Alias it so I wrote it as

alias rh='sed -i "$d" ~/.bash_history'

When I execute rh it executes without error but does not delete anything from the file.I have a feeling that it has to do with the quotes.

What am I doing wrong?

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Bash calculates value of "$d" and replace it by "" if $d is not defined. Try this:

alias rh='sed -i '\''$d'\'' ~/.bash_history'
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Using a function makes the quoting easier:

rh () { sed -i '$d' ~/.bash_history; }
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In my case I had to implement an hybrid solution equivalent to:

alias rh='function _rh(){ sed -i '\''$d'\'' ~/.bash_history ; };_rh'
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