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We display a column of dates and times, and use Moment.js to format the text that is displayed:

Let's assume that adate is September 9, 2013 and the time is 08:00 AM.

var formatted = moment(adate).format("L LT");

The date is perfect and is zero padded, for example: 09/22/2013

The time is not zero padded; I am getting 8:00

Is there a way to tell Moment.js to zero pad the time, so my column of dates and times looks good?

I am using version 2.1.0.

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You need to alter the longDateFormat (docs): LT: "hh:mm A" (the hh is the important bit)

moment.lang('en', {
    longDateFormat : {
        LT: "hh:mm A",
        L: "MM/DD/YYYY",
        l: "M/D/YYYY",
        LL: "MMMM Do YYYY",
        ll: "MMM D YYYY",
        LLL: "MMMM Do YYYY LT",
        lll: "MMM D YYYY LT",
        LLLL: "dddd, MMMM Do YYYY LT",
        llll: "ddd, MMM D YYYY LT"

var d = moment("Dec 25, 1995 4:00 AM GMT")

d.format("L LT")


"12/24/1995 08:00 PM" // I'm GMT -8 so it checks out for me :) 

I haven't tested to see if you can just set the LT by itself. Seems possible/likely.

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Thank you very much for your help! Since the date format is available in padded and unpadded versions, I assumed that time would handle both, too (i.e. lt for "h:mm A" and LT for "hh:mm A". I wonder how we can request this to be added? Any ideas? I am sure others would like it, too. Thank you again for your help! :) – A Bit of Help Sep 13 '13 at 16:15
I think the config system (moment.lang) works fine in that case. No need to add it to the code base. – jcollum Sep 13 '13 at 16:17

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