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I am trying to populate my billing address with prepopulated values. I have written a deface as : => 'spree/address/_form',
                                  :name => 'prepopulate_billing_address',
                                  :set_attributes => 'p#order_bill_address_attributes_phone',
                                  :attributes => {:value => "122344"}

and the content belongs to app/overrides/autofill_billing_address.rb

I am trying to replace this view Spree form view

with the above deface but the deface logs say

Deface: 'prepopulate_billing_address' matched 0 times with 'p#order_bill_address_attributes_phone'

The id from the spree instance running is order_bill_address_attributes_phone and is wrapped in <p>. Any idea? Thanks for the help!

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try to disable this overriding, load the page and try to find in browser console $('p#order_bill_address_attributes_phone') – gotva Sep 12 '13 at 19:45
$('#order_bill_address_attributes_phone') answers but that didn't work too, that;s when I added the p attribute. – Lavixu Sep 12 '13 at 19:47
AFAIK Deface is applied to erb template (that's why you can target erb code), so when your override is being iterpreted there is no such thing as p#order_bill_address_attributes_phone. Unfortunately I never succeeded in such interpreted deface, I always replace whole partial with my changes, but that's more like workaround, not solution. – zrl3dx Sep 12 '13 at 19:55
But in spree view customization documentation,they have given an example :insert_after => “div#wow p.header” which made me think perhaps the element wrapped in plays a role too. Still, not a lot of documentation around and really less clarity. – Lavixu Sep 13 '13 at 9:29
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Give this a go: :virtual_path => 'spree/address/_form',
                     :name => 'prepopulate_billing_address',
                     :replace => 'code[erb-loud]:contains("phone_field :phone")',
                     :text => "<%= form.phone_field :phone, :class => 'required', :value => '122344' %>"

One helpful thing is to use the rake tasks for testing what matches what:

rake deface:test_selector['spree/address/_form','code[erb-loud]:contains("phone_field :phone")']

You can see that your selectors from before wouldn't work because this:

rake deface:test_selector['spree/address/_form','p']


# snip
---------------- Match 10 ----------------
<p class="field" id='<%="#{address_id}phone" %>'>
    <%= form.label :phone, Spree.t(:phone) %><span class="required">*</span><br><%= form.phone_field :phone, :class => 'required', :value => '122334' %>
# snip

At this point the ID hasn't been set yet because as zrl3dx mentioned, you're operating on the erb before it's been evaluated.

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+1 for that rake task, lovely thing. – zrl3dx Sep 12 '13 at 21:45
yes, I didn't know a rake task existed, never found this in documentation. Saves a lot of time. By the way, what does code[erb-loud]:contains tell deface? I don't find it in the views. Also, phone_field is just a placeholder right? Because I cannot connect that to the view too. And thanks a ton gmacdougall!! – Lavixu Sep 13 '13 at 9:22
The code[erb-loud]:contains matches an erb tag which contains the text listed. Specifically, I'm trying to match this line from the template:… – gmacdougall Sep 13 '13 at 16:59

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