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I am writing an LBS application using MongoDB's geospatial query functions and Spring Data MongoDB. Here is the code that uses a repository to query for the geo results:

GeoPage<RestaurantLocation> results = restaurantLocationRepository.findByLocationNear(point, distance, new PageRequest(0, 1));

I have 5 RestaurantLocation records (all within the distance) in my test MongoDB instance and I would expect this query to return only 1 record (page size is 1) but the returned GeoPage contains all 5 records.

In contrast, when I change my code to the following:

Page<RestaurantLocation> results = restaurantLocationRepository.findByLocationNear(point , distance, new PageRequest(0, 1));

The paging works as expected. It only returns 1 record but it is not a GeoResult.

What I want is the paginated GeoResult of RestaurantLocation.

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