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I am trying to use the pie chart from Chart.js (http://www.chartjs.org/docs/#pieChart-exampleUsage). Everything works smooth, but the animation happens as soon as the page loads, but since the user has to scroll down to see the chart, they won't see the animation. Is there anyway I can make the animation to start only when scrolled to that position? Also if possible, is it possible to animate everytime when that chart becomes into view?

My code is as follows:

<canvas id="canvas" height="450" width="450"></canvas>
        var pieData = [
                    value: 30,
                    value : 50,
                    color : "#E0E4CC"
                    value : 100,
                    color : "#69D2E7"


    var myPie = new Chart(document.getElementById("canvas").getContext("2d")).Pie(pieData);

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You can combine the check for whether something is viewable with a flag to keep track of whether the graph has been drawn since it appeared in the viewport (though doing this with the plugin bitiou posted would be simpler):


var inView = false;

function isScrolledIntoView(elem)
    var docViewTop = $(window).scrollTop();
    var docViewBottom = docViewTop + $(window).height();

    var elemTop = $(elem).offset().top;
    var elemBottom = elemTop + $(elem).height();

    return ((elemTop <= docViewBottom) && (elemBottom >= docViewTop));

$(window).scroll(function() {
    if (isScrolledIntoView('#canvas')) {
        if (inView) { return; }
        inView = true;
        new Chart(document.getElementById("canvas").getContext("2d")).Pie(data);
    } else {
        inView = false;  
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Thank you. Works like a charm –  ISuthan Bala Sep 12 '13 at 19:37
In your jsfiddle example, everytime I scroll off and scroll back to the element, it gets bigger and bigger. And this doesn't work with Radar Chart. –  Yannis Dran Mar 2 '14 at 18:05

I had the same problem with Chart.js and found a really great solution. There is a package on GitHub that is called ChartNew.js by FVANCOP. He expanded it and added several functions.

Look at the sample, the charts are drawn by scrolling down.

Responsible is the statement

dynamicDisplay : true
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This is what you want:

Check if element is visible after scrolling

Next time please check if there's already an answer ;)

Alternatively: jquery.appear

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Well it will work for the first time, and suppose the user scrolls down further and then coming back up, the animation wouldn't occur. –  ISuthan Bala Sep 12 '13 at 19:20
are you calling this on the scroll event? also, have you tried the jquery plugin, easier usage. –  bitoiu Sep 12 '13 at 19:29

I don't know if you could do that, I had the same issue and resolved it without any plugin in this simple way, check out:

$(window).bind("scroll", function(){            
        var dougData = [
            {value: 100, color:"#6abd79"},
            {value: 20, color:"#e6e6e6"}
        var graphic = new Chart(document.getElementById("html-charts").getContext("2d")).Doughnut(dougData, options);
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