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I am working on an API and would like the URL's to look like domain.com/v1/12345678/users/23 with the 12345678 translating to an account number.

I would like to pass the 12345678 to calls but cannot figure out how I can make a constraint for the routes AND how I can pull that ID in other calls.

I know if this was a subdomain, I could create a constraint for the routes file that restricts the routes to only those subdomains, and I could do something like Account.find_by_subdomain(request.subdomain) to grab the account info on other calls but I am drawing a blank trying to figure out how to do the same but with a PATH and not subdomain.


I think I want my routes to look something like this

namespace :v1 do 
    scope ':account_id', :module => "account" do
        post '/users', :to => "users#create", default: :json
        get '/users', :to => "users#index", default: :json
        get '/users/:id', :to => "users#show", as: :user, default: :json
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So are you not wanting to treat that account id as a normal URL parameter? –  hiattp Sep 12 '13 at 19:25
I am a bit confused by your comment. Sorry? I do want to treat it as a parameter that I can pass to each controller. So if that's what you mean then yes.. –  John Hamman Sep 12 '13 at 19:46
Sorry yeah your edit helped. Did you try scope path: ":account_id", as: "account" do ... end? –  hiattp Sep 12 '13 at 21:42

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