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I am building and runing test for my project using buildbot. I am using mac as slave. The problem arises when I try to run the test because it cannot find the dynamic library which is shaved in different directory.

From the buildbot tutorial I can see a varibale called env. It uses PATH so I supposed DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH would also work the same way so I did

  env  =   {"DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH":["/x/y/lib","/x1/y1/lib","${DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH}"]} 

but it still cannot find the shared library that I want those binary to find. can anyone help me on this one.pls

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I was kind of right. This is the way to do but you should do in

BuilderConfig ( ..,..,..,env = {'DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH':'/x/y/lib:x1/y1/lib'} 

and thats it

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