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In Enterpriselibrary 6, I configure the engine database in .config file lo use Log engine and Exception Handling; ok i can successful attach the provider to my db file, and i can create a context of sqlite under the database apis of enterprise library (and i can use queries, inserts, via command), but i can't see the logs and exceptions log in this database,

I search for more info and i can see that sqlite can't add procedures in .net version (only a special version can do it), the enterprise library need a db with the tables and procedures necessaries to work (for sql server a .sql file is provided); i can see than a old version (and version 5 too) can work, i see a demonstration of config but not is complete (providerMappings is not necessary now, the provider must insert in System.Data section), no has examples my question: how i can do? any way to do work in EL6?


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I have worked on a fully functional example with the necessary provider & FormattedDatabaseTraceListener, to make run!

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