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I am trying to setup my developer env so that I can use maven to compile my LESS files for formal builds, but also have Eclipse compile the LESS for incremental builds so I dont have to keep kicking of maven tasks every time I make a LESS change. Having looked around - it seems like wro4j & the maven plugin & the m2e-wtp plugin should provide all that.

My setup is as follows: I have just installed the latest stable Eclipse (Java EE package, that includes the WTP stuff - v4.3) and I have installed the m2e plugin and the m2e-wtp plugins.






<groups xmlns="http://www.isdc.ro/wro"> 
  <group name="roa-all">

Inside my /less/ folder are basically a few css files that I have renamed .less files, and one where I have actually added some LESS syntax with a few colour variables set. This mostly works, as I make changes to my LESS, the plugin detects and rebuilds my uber css file, however, rather critically, it doesn't seem to be compiling the LESS - it combines the files, and minifies, but my @variables are all still in LESS syntax.

I also noticed that the maven plugin was up to v 1.7.0 so tried upgrading to that to see if that was the problem, but that just does nothing at all (nothing gets built at all and I have no uber css etc)

Anyone had any experience setting this up or know anything I have missed in the setup?

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The v1.7.0 should work, what exactly happens when you run maven plugin from console? There is an example project which can be used as a quick start project and can be forked to prove a bug: github.com/wro4j/wro4j-examples/tree/master/wro4j-standalone. Also, I recommend using less4j processor instead of lessCss, since it much faster. –  Alex Objelean Sep 12 '13 at 20:47
Thanks @AlexObjelean - If I run maven from the console it correctly builds and compiles the less files to CSS now I am using 1.7.0, but the eclipse incremental build is still not working with this version (like i mentioned, using 1.4.5 the eclipse build was running, it just didn't compile the LESS) –  rhinds Sep 13 '13 at 20:01
What maven version are you using? The incremental build feature is supported only by maven 3 or greater. Have you tried the v1.6.3? What happens? You can open an issue and we can continue discussing there, since SO should not be an issue tracker. –  Alex Objelean Sep 15 '13 at 7:14
I'm noticing this behaviour too. I'm using maven 3. I get an eclipse incremental build if I modify my pom.xml, but if I change a less file nothing happens. –  anger Feb 11 at 10:47
I never made the full switch to 1.7 or above, but the earlier version is now working ok for me - on the earlier version I was having problems with LESS not being compiled but failing silently - running a full maven build from command line gave more verbose details of issues i saw. I have written up exactly what I had to do (code on github) on my blog here: automateddeveloper.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/… –  rhinds Feb 11 at 14:50

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