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Using PyMongo in Python, I'm attempting to do a GeoSpatial query for both the Origin LatLon and the Destination LatLon within a set radius, and print the first result. What I have below is what I thought it would of been, but I get an error. What's the proper way to go about this?


origin = [float(44.8697193), float(13.8414046)]
dest = [float(48.1367203), float(11.576754)]
query = db.collection.find({'origLatLng': {'$within': {'$center': [origin,.75]}}}, {'destLatLng': {'$within': {'$center': [dest,.75]}}})[0]
print query


pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: database error: Unsupported projection option: $within

Now if I just search for the origin, without the dest, I don't get the error concerning '$within'. What am I doing wrong?

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I think there's something wrong with your query syntax. You actually have two query documents, one for origLatLng and another for destLatLng. I think you mean to do this:

query = db.collection.find({'start': {'$within': {'$center': [origin,.75]}}, 'end': {'$within': {'$center': [dest,.75]}}})[0]

Your second query document is being interpreted as doing a projection, which is why you're getting an OperationFailure with an "Unsupported projection option: $within".

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Not sure about the actual MongoDB version that you're using but $within was deprecated and now you should be using $geoWithin:


Also see the above link for further options. I'm not an expert on Python but I hope that $geoWithin will solve your problem.

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