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Ok first and foremost there could be multiple answers here I just want this executable to work on a 64 bit machine. I wrote a wxpython script and am using pyinstaller to make it an exe. I am using a 64bit machine to do this. When i go to make the exe, pyinstaller fails in the winmanifest.py After following a few more the imports, I am missing expat.py or pyexpat.so. I am not sure which.

So I went to a 32 bit machine and used pyinstaller without a problem. Except when I go to run it on a 64bit machine. When i double click it shows loading then stops. When i execute the exe from the command prompt I get this error

File "C:\dev\pyinstaller-2.0\PyInstaller\loader\iu.py", line 409, in importHook

I made to test further a exe as well that created a file and wrote "hello world". This worked on 32 and 64 bit.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? Any thoughts?

UPDATE: working condition

I got my wxpython program to work. I am not adding this as the answer as to I do not know why exactly I have got this to work. I am %99.99 sure that this is a dll problem. I went to another 64 bit machine with a clean installation of python,pyinstaller,and pywin32. I built the program and it worked only on 64bit machines. I chalk this down the 64bit os and 64bit python installed. It still does not work on the original 64bit machine(I am thinking bad dlls) but works on several other 64bit machines (only had a few I could test on) The last test which will have to come later due to other dependencies of other projects is to re-install python on the original machine I was working on.

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did you build it in 32 bit python? Ive always used 32 bit python to write and then when I build exe's they just work ... if you built it in 64 bit python then created the exe on a 32 bit machine who knows then it may break with certain calls(I wouldnt think so though) –  Joran Beasley Sep 12 '13 at 21:11
I am using 64bit python on the 64bit machine. I did try to put a 32bit python on the 64bit machine but that caused problems for python itself. But when I used my 32bit machine it had 32bit python installed. –  cemcnaughton Sep 13 '13 at 14:14

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