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app/views/users/doc_request.html.erb :

<% @docs.each do |doc| %>
    <%= link_to 'Approve', User.activate_doctor(doc) %>
<% end %>

app/Model/user.rb :

def self.activate_doctor(doc)
  doc.active = 1   #simply setting the value of one column to 1.

it's throwing error

NoMethodError in Users#doc_request
Showing /home/ajay/Desktop/10th Spet/app/views/users/doc_request.html.erb where line #16 raised:
undefined method `model_name' for Fixnum:Class
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Try to write in your model:

use doc.activate_doctor

def activate_doctor
  update_attributes(:active => true)

so that it will save the updated value. I am assuming active is a boolean field.

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Lol that is exactly my answer, and I was first ;-).. –  Mattherick Sep 13 '13 at 6:48
yes Mattherick your answer is the bst one :) –  Sabyasachi Ghosh Sep 13 '13 at 6:51

Am I right, that "active" is an attribute of user? If yes, I would change that to an instance method.

Change the line in the view to:


And in the model

def activate_doctor
  self.active = 1 # if the colum is an integer
  self.active = true # if the column is a boolean
  self.update_attribute(active, 1) # if you want to update the value directly
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