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I see this questions comes up a lot, but no answers for me. I have revoked the previous Development and Distribution Certificates and generated new ones. I have downloaded both certificates and installed them by double-clicking. In my Keychain Access I can see my certificates and they have a green circle with a check mark saying "This certificate is valid".

Then I created my new Development and Distribution Provisioning Profiles and downloaded them. They have a green button showing they are Active. I drag the downloaded Provisioning Profiles over to my Xcode icon. I open Xcode Organizer and click on LIBRARY --> Provisioning Profiles. They are there with today's date on them but the status is "Valid signing identity not found"

What's the missing step here?

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I got some help from someone who understands the Keychain Access tool. The problem was that I had multiple certifications and XCode was getting confused.

Thanks everybody.

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Don't forget to set Code Signing Identity under Build Settings !

enter image description here

You have to set all to the same code signing .

And you have to do it in your Project, and Targets too !

enter image description here

Hope this helps!

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If you're still using XCode 4.X you could try Organizer->Library(top left)->Refresh(bottom right) and see if that solves the problem for you.

Hope this helps!

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