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I have used the example code from the documentation:

<div data-role="view">
    <ul id="foo"></ul>

   dataSource: new{
        data: [{title: "foo"}, {title: "bar"}]

  dataBinding: function(e) {

dataBinding function is not called. I then, instead, tested with a "dataBound" function and that does get called as expected.

I am using Kendo Mobile v2013.2.910 and jQuery 1.9.1

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Kendo UI Mobile developer here. The dataBinding event is fresh off the oven – so fresh that it is yet to be available in the upcoming service pack release. It should not have slipped in the docs, I am sorry for that.

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Too hot for these builds eh? Ha, no worries man - thanks for the heads up! This feature smells delicious. – TAS Sep 13 '13 at 17:32

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