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I'm extracting the SubjectAlternativeName from a X509 Certificate in Java, and it seems to be returning something like

[2, domain.example.com ] 

Is this standard? And what does the 2 in the value stand for? Currently i'm parsing out just 2, but I don't want to deploy the code and find out that 2 isn't a standard output from the certificate.

This is my code

    X509Certificate[] clientCert = (X509Certificate[]) req

senderDomain = clientCert[0].getSubjectAlternativeNames().toArray()[0]
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This is documented in X509Certificate.getSubjectAlternativeNames() (also from the X.509 specification, section

 GeneralName ::= CHOICE {
      otherName                       [0]     OtherName,
      rfc822Name                      [1]     IA5String,
      dNSName                         [2]     IA5String,
      x400Address                     [3]     ORAddress,
      directoryName                   [4]     Name,
      ediPartyName                    [5]     EDIPartyName,
      uniformResourceIdentifier       [6]     IA5String,
      iPAddress                       [7]     OCTET STRING,
      registeredID                    [8]     OBJECT IDENTIFIER}

So 2 is for DNS names (host names when you verify a server certificate), which is quite common. (If you're expecting an IP address, it's 7 you should look for.)

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