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I have a many-to-one relationship defined in Rails 4:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user

How do I check, that the :user key exists if it is set?

The following correctly checks, that the key exists but does not allow for `nil? values:

  validates :user, presence: true

The following allows any value, even non-existing IDs:

  validates :user, presence: true, allow_nil: true

How do you do such kind of validation.

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You can use the before_save callback to check that the user is valid if it is supplied:

class Event < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user    

  before_save: :validate_user unless: Proc.new { |event| event.user.nil? }

    def validate_user
      if User.where(id: user_id).empty?
        errors[:user] << "must be valid"

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You must keep the presence validation in Event and add in User model:

has_many :events, inverse_of: :user
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Just faced this problem and here are the 2 solutions


validates :user, presence: true, if: 'user_id.present?'


. https://github.com/perfectline/validates_existence gem

can be used like this

validates : user, existence: { allow_nil: true, both: false }

both option is for the error messages: false will show 1 error(association only), true will show 2 errors (association and foreign key)

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