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I developed an app for jailbreak device and my app need root access, therefore I need to have it installed in /Application, but I only know how to deploy it using SSH. I find it hard for users this way.

So the question is, Is there a solution of this installation which user just need to download and install it? And how to do it?

Thanks for your answer.

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I believe your question includes the answer. It's "Cydia". –  Victor Ronin Sep 14 '13 at 20:53
See this answer and this page, too. –  Nate Sep 16 '13 at 6:43
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You can create a directory on your phone and inside that directory you should add all the files you want to deploy relative to the phone root directory, so like create an Applications folder to deploy those files to /Application

You also need a directory called DEBIAN containing your control file, you can get some info on what you need to put in there on Google but here's an outline of it:

Package: com.you.appname
Name: Your App Name
Version: 1.0
Section: Applications
Depends: (Dependancies if any)
Architecture: iphoneos-arm
Description: Your description here.
Author: You <your@email.com>
Maintainer: You <your@email.com>

Open mobile terminal

cd /where/your/directory/is

Then use dpkg -b [directory]

You'll be outputted a debian package (.deb) that'll install files to where they need to go on the device

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