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Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to create a UITableviewCell swipe effect akin to the one in the Tweetie 2.0 app (see video: Tweetie 2.0) or in the Facebook 3.0 app (when pressing the blue "+" next to a status).

What I need to do is to have the cell slide away in response to you swiping it and reveal a background view.

Any help would be appreciated!

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By the way, I did find this but it appears to place the background view in front of the cell: stackoverflow.com/questions/933428/tweetie-like-swipe-menu – user206441 Dec 9 '09 at 23:27
related: stackoverflow.com/questions/3259960/… – Thilo Aug 3 '11 at 7:03
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Both Tweetie and Facebook implement their own 'custom' swipe detection. What I mean is that instead of using the standard UITableView hooks for swipes, you override touchesBegan:withEvent:, touchesMoved:withEvent:, et.c in your own subclass of UITableView. You can then start detecting swipes yourself and call whatever methods you want on your UITableViewCell's. (Hint: to get the cell given an UITouch, use the UITableView method indexPathForRowAtPoint:)

There's also a another plus to managing your own swipes: you get a lot more control over how accurate each swipe needs to be.

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Thanks, this is very useful. Would you happen to know how to display the background view as well? – user206441 Dec 13 '09 at 21:30
You can just draw in the background view yourself when cell is swiped. Actually, you can do anything you like, really, with this approach :) – Saurabh Sharan Dec 13 '09 at 22:40
Don't do this! Detecting your own gestures is coding suicide. Take a Look at UIGestureRecognizer : developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/uikit/reference/… – Intentss Sep 10 '10 at 19:24
to be fair to the OP – UIGestureRecognizer wasn't public API at the time – refulgentis Nov 5 '10 at 7:58
I asked Tweetie's developer at the time, and Tweetie uses tableView:willBeginEditingRowAtIndexPath: to detect the swipe and overrode -setEditing:animated: to do nothing. He does NOT do custom gesture recognition! – Steven Fisher Nov 30 '10 at 18:58

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