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Something like the default selection range, but since it supports only one range, I want to add a custom overlay to apply multiple selection ranges. I tried creating a PART_SelectionRange, but it appears over the thumb. Is there any other way to accomplish this?

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It's very hard to help users when they (you) provide so little information and no code. All the same, I believe that the Panel.ZIndex Attached Property could help you. It enables you to set the position of your controls in the z axis... from the front of the screen to the back. This would enable you to set your overlay under the Thumb, while setting the Buttons under the overlay.

You can find out more about this property from the Panel.ZIndex Attached Property page at MSDN.

However, you should also be able to do this just by the order that the controls are declared in... later declared controls will appear 'on top of' earlier declared controls. So if you just declare your Buttons first, then declare your overlay and then finally declare the Thumb control, you should get your desired result.

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