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How to caculate the absolute value for an array in python?

for example: a = [5,-2,-6,5]

I want to know the max of abs(a), and the answer should be 6. Thank you!

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max(abs(i) for i in [5, -2, -6, 5])

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Thank you so much! –  wesley Sep 13 '13 at 3:22

Try this

a = [5, -2, -6, 5]
print max(abs(x) for x in a)

The max function can accept an iterable, and abs(x) for x in a is a generator which will give the absolute value of each element in a.

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Alternately you could use:

max(map(abs, [5,-2,-6,5]))
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max(abs(i) for i in [5, -2, -6, 5])

The List Comprehensive Solution :)

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