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using Jruby and want to pass 2d ruby array to javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel

#create a empty table view on UI and will fill out it later
columns = ['1','2']
data = [[]]
columns.length.times{ data.first << ""}
# below raise exception
mode = javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel.new(data,columns)

seems exception caused by the method signature matching, how to solve it?

NameError: no constructorfor arguments (org.jruby.java.proxies.ArrayJavaProxy
,or g.jruby.RubyArray) on Java::JavaxSwingTable::DefaultTableModel
available overloads:
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Populate a Java Vector from Ruby values...

 matrix = java.util.Vector.new
 datos.each do |valor|   
 end #datos.each do |valor|   

I'm using a Swing on an app...



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