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there's two model I put into Angular js

// full device list
$scope.devices = [{id:1, on:true}, {id:2, on:false}, {id:3, on:true}];
// devices with on == true
$scope.devicesOn = $scope.devices.filter(function(t){return t.on==true});

in page:

<span>the following {{ devicesOn.length }} of {{ devices.length }} are on</span>
  <li ng-repeat='device in devicesOn'>{{device.id}}</li>

so the model devices is dynamic. However devicesOn isn't dynamic because it is not lazy evaluation.

I know you can write something like $scope.countOnDevices = function(){return ...} but it's not ideal. Any more elegant way to solve this?

It's like creating a view (applied with a where filter) from existing table in a RDBMS.

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You can use a watcher to watch on the change of the devices list, the logic can be fired when there is any change to the list

$scope.$watch('devices', function () {
    $scope.devicesOn = $scope.devices.filter(function (t) {
        return t.on == true
}, true)


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thanks for the quick answer, I forgot to mention that devicesOn need to be displayed in <li> list. Anyway, basically I need to watch the devices model and create a new devicesOn everytime? –  est Sep 13 '13 at 4:10
@est Updated demo. –  zsong Sep 13 '13 at 4:11
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@sza's answer works great, I also found another solution from here:



ng-repeat='item in filtered = (items | filter:filterExpr)

then simply use {{filtered.length}}

demo here

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