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Read PDF in Rails Application.

My Application is in RAILS 4 and I want to read PDF in my application. I don't want to download PDF. I Upload PDF and view in my application.

How it is possible or How can i do this?

Help Me Please...

Thanks In Advance

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3 Answers

Use the PDF reader gem. https://github.com/yob/pdf-reader. It allows you to read over the web via a URL.

For example:

def count_words_in_pdf_file(filepath)
    io = filepath.start_with?('http') ? open(filepath) : filepath
    reader = PDF::Reader.new(io)
    total_count = 0
    if reader
      reader.pages.each do |page|
        total_count += count_words_in_text(page.text)
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If I understood you correctly you want to show PDF to users.

As a solution you could use FancyBox2 to display PDF in the frame:

<a class="fancybox" data-fancybox-type="iframe" href="http://samplepdf.com/sample.pdf">Test pdf</a>

    openEffect  : 'none',
    closeEffect : 'none',
    iframe : {
        preload: false


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You can use send_data method

def view_pdf
  File.open("path/to/pdf", 'rb') do |f|
    send_data f.read, :type => "application/pdf", :disposition => "inline"

but the user's browser can override and download the pdf anyway.

If you want force the pdf viewing, can you use pdf.js created by mozilla


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