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class membership_plan_master(osv.osv):
     _name = "membership.plan.master"
     _columns = {
            'plan_category': fields.char('Plan Category',size=50),
class all_plan_master(osv.osv):
     _name = "all.plan.master"

     _columns = {
            'plans':fields.many2one('membership.plan.master','Plans Category',size=50),
            'plan_name':fields.char('Name Of The Plan',size=30),
_name = ""
    _columns = {
          'plans_offered':fields.many2one('membership.plan.master',' Addon Plans Offered'),  
          'sub_plan':fields.many2one('all.plan.master','Sub plan'),              
my on-change Event
def onchange_getplan(self, cr, uid, ids, plans_offered, context=None):
        new_val = []
        if not plans_offered:
            return {'value': {}}
        name_browse = self.browse(cr, uid, plans_offered , context=context)
        print "name_browse:>>>", name_browse
        plan_obj = self.pool.get('membership.plan.master').browse(cr, uid,, context=context)
        print "\n\n\npersons_connected_with_plan",
        data = self.pool.get('all.plan.master').search(cr, uid, [('plans','=',], context=context)
        print "d a t a :>", data
        for plan_object in data:
            print ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>> plan_object id", plan_object
            a = self.pool.get('all.plan.master').browse(cr, uid, plan_object)
            print "A:>>>>", a, a.plan_name
            new_val.append({'sub_plan': a.plan_name})
        print 'new_val:>>>>',new_val
        return {'value': new_val}

in My Issue :as above now, show client select:'plans_offered any one and in sub_plan show only display 'plans_offered' releted plans how to craete dynamic Domain on onchange click

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data = self.pool.get('all.plan.master').search(cr, uid, [('plans','=',], context=context)
            res = {'domain': {'sub_plan': [('id', 'in', data)]}}
            return res 
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