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I can't perform mutli MATCH and conditionnal relationships.

My graph is composed of USER nodes & POST nodes, which could be published as "public", "to all my friends" "to a particular friends" and "to me exclusively".

A HASHTAG could be used in a POST.

For a particular HASHTAG i would like to get all the POST that a USER could see !

This is my current query:

START me=node(52015), hashtag=node(54232)
MATCH hashtag-[:USED_IN]->post
WITH hashtag, me, post

MATCH me-[:FRIEND_OF]->user-[:PUBLISH]->post_friends-[:USED_IN]->hashtag
WHERE post_friends.to IN ['public', 'friends']
WITH me, hashtag, user, ft, ft_friends


In the first part I figure post represents all POST nodes that are concerned by the HASHTAG, i mean "all" but my user should not be able to see all of them (if some are private)

In the second part I try to capture all POST of MY FRIENDS that also used this hashtag, represented by post_friends

At the end, I would like to get: all public POST (published by anybody) + all POST of my friends + all private POST published to me + all my own POST.

I definitively think I am missing something !

Thank you

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In your second MATCH clause, looks like you reversed the directionality of the relationship, try ... post_friends<-[:USED_IN]-hastag and see if that changes. You should also edit your post and explain what you are getting instead (i.e. what does "I can't perform..." mean exactly. –  Edward Sep 13 '13 at 13:59
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