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1) I need to plot the windows in a TabPane and I must set as content a Pane (or a Group) before adding one or more windows, otherwise I get weird or no windows plot

final Pane root = new Pane();        

Is there a way to avoid to add as content this Pane or Group to the TabPane and simply add the windows to the TabPane?

2) I add a SplitPane to the windows, but it seems I can't set as content the SplitPane directly, and here too I have to first add a Pane then add the SplitPane to the Pane because windows accepts only a Pane as content

final SplitPane sp = new SplitPane();
final Pane pane = new Pane();

Why can't I set as content the sp directly?

3) I then plot an ArrayList lineChart on my SplitPane (exactly, on a Pane added to the SplitPane)

and once data is plotted I see that the window moves slowly by drag and drop compared to an empty window: the more data plotted the more "heavier" the window: how can I avoid this problem? (plot less data is not a valid answer...)


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