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I integrated urban airship push notification in my application and it's working fine. But, my problem is, when I working with tags I'm not receiving proper tag message correctly.


In my application I have two options:


If I logged as Male I used below line of code to set tag for PushManager:

Set<String> tags = new HashSet<String>();

For Female I set as

tags = new HashSet<String>();

Now, from my Urban airship account Under Development I created same tags Male and Female

If I choose tag as Male and sends a push message.

Expected Result:

What are all the devices logged as Male will receives the message.

Current Result: All the device received the message(Male and Female)

I provide all keys and GCM Sender correctly.


 1.In my log-cat selected tag sends correctly

 2.In Urban airship->Audience->App Id's: My current app id registered with correct Tag(currently I logged as Male)

Note: In Error Console of UrbanAirship it shown as:

Application does not have permission to send to this device
Original Message: Error: mismatched sender ID

Can any one please give me solution for this?

Where is the problem and how to achieve??

Thanks in advance...

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usually means there's a discrepancy with the gcmSender property value in your airshipconfig.properties file; check the value for that key and make sure it's the numeric value for your app in the google api console

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