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I display some data-tables on my jsf page, eventually I got my richfaces calendar to work. but my data-table's css overrides the css of the calendar so when my popup calendar opens it displays the whole page wide.

JSF 2.2 Java 7 Richfaces 4.3.3


table {
    empty-cells: show;
    width: 100%;

If I change the width to example 25% the calendar displays correctly but then my data-tables looks horrible. Any way to keep my datatables at 100% and my calender and maybe a fixed width?

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The CSS selector table {} is applied on all HTML <table> elements. If you want to style only some specific HTML <table> elements with CSS, then you should be using a more specific CSS selector.

The <rich:dataTable> generates a <table class="rf-dt">, so the following selector should do:

table.rf-dt {

See also:

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