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I need to add a progress bar into a list view footer dynamically.

I create a view as

mLoadView = new ListItem(mContext);
mLoadText = new ListItem1LineCenteredText(mContext);
mProgressBar = new ProgressBar(mContext, null, R.attr.ProgressBarStyleIndeterminateSmall);


I add this view to list view footer when I need it or I'll remove it.

So when I launch my app and add mLoadView to list view at the first time, the progess bar will do animation correctly.

Then I do another action to remove mLoadView from footer and add mLoadView to footer again.

The Progress will get stock without running anymore.

I really sure that I update this progress ui in UI Thread.

I could only solve this issue by re-creating the progress view each time when I need to add it to list view footer but don't know what cause this issue.

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