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I was working upon a website with a flipbook kind of jQuery effect provided by turn.js.

It was working very well on my development environment. Suddenly have found out that the mouseover effect and mouseclick has stopped working on browser Chrome V29.0.1547.66m.

It works perfectly with V26.0.1410.63 and on other browsers (Firefox). Need to know the reason and some workaround solution for the same.

This is the link to my webpage


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I had checked your link, I think there is some problem in turn.min.js script. Use turn.js script in place of turn.min.js it is working fine on your link.

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As per issue no 399 posted on blasten/github https://github.com/blasten/turn.js/issues/399 change your turn.min.js to latest version of turn.js. This will surely solve your issue with chrome browsers' latest version on windows.

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