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I'm working with a web application that uses the UltraWebGrid v10.3. I needed to group the data in the grid which I managed to get working with a GroupByBox.

Once the grid is grouped by a certain column, I want to remove/hide that column from the grid, I plan to achieve this using an event.

My question is, what are the events fired before and after a column header is dropped in the GroupByBox?

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By default when you group a column in the UltraWebGrid that column will be hidden. This can be changed with the DisplayLayout.GroupByColumnsHiddenDefault property. You should make sure that this is set to Yes which is the default value.

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Thank you very much. I discovered this property just after I posted this question. Do you have any idea of the events fired when a column header is dropped in the GroupByBox? –  Awad Maharoof Sep 18 '13 at 4:45
The GroupColumn event will fire: help.infragistics.com/NetAdvantage/ASPNET/2011.1/CLR4.0/… –  alhalama Sep 18 '13 at 13:01

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