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I am trying to create a daily event

Like from 14-sep-2013 to 18-sep-2013 between 10:00 UTC to 15:30 UTC. daily

I am using the following query


It is creating a recursive event but for the whole day. I want event between the given time interval daily.

I am new to this. Please help.


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You're getting a full day event because your DTSTART has VALUE=DATE instead of DATETIME.

Also, the UNTIL specifies the last DTSTART, not the DTEND, so you'll probably need a DTEND:20130914T153000Z



To break it down:

  1. The DTSTART says the first occurrence starts on 2013-09-14 @ 10:00:00 UTC.
  2. The DTEND says the first occurrence ends on 2013-09-14 @ 15:30:00 UTC.
  3. The RRULE says subsequent occurrences occur daily and the last one will occur on or before 2013-09-18 @ 10:00:00 UTC.
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