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I'm implementing an integration with brand new HERE JavaScript places API (version 2.5.3) particularly using nokia.places.SearchBox().

I noticed that the old OVI SearchBox component, used in the same way, provided results with an higher detail level than the new HERE SearchBox component.

e.g. typing "oxford street london" I'm getting "Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom" using OVI and only "Oxford Street" with HERE.

Is it possible to obtain the same results with HERE API without implementing other solutions (e.g. REST API with custom behavior)? Maybe passing a parameter to the SearchBox() function...

Thanks in advance

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This can be done by adding the showAddress parameter.

Taking your example the following search box:

var fromSearchBox = new nokia.places.widgets.SearchBox({
        targetNode: "fromSearchBox",
        template: "fromSearchBox",
        map: map

Returns the following responses to "Oxford Street" for a search centered on London

  • Results
    • Oxford Street
    • Oxford Street
    • John Lewis Oxford Street

Adding in the showAddress parameter as shown:

var toSearchBox = new nokia.places.widgets.SearchBox({
        targetNode: "toSearchBox",
        template: "toSearchBox",
        map: map,
        suggestions : {showAddress: true}

And the "Oxford Street" query gives me:

  • Results
    • Oxford Street Southampton, SO14 3, United Kingdom
    • Oxford Street Northwood, Cowes, PO31 8, United Kingdom
    • Oxford Street Oxford Street, London,, United Kingdom

Further manipulation would be possible using the callbacks defined in the SearchBox constructor, specifically the handlers called onSuggestions and onSearchSuggestions could be useful.

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Thank you, is exactly what I was looking for! –  Flea777 Sep 13 '13 at 14:08

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