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I'm defining the following variables:

$rel_path = bloginfo('template_directory');
$thumb_directory = "$rel_path/images/portfolio/";
$orig_directory = "$rel_path/images/portfolio/thumbs";

the $rel_path is a WordPress function which appears to be printing, however, it is displaying spitting an error message which indicates that $rel_path is printing but somehow not being joined with /images/portfolio so the URL is not returning properly

The error looks like this:

http://localhost:8888/_test_wordpress/wp-content/themes/v3_1_magickThere is an error with your image directory!
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Can you be clearer in your description? Which line gives you the error? –  Graviton Dec 10 '09 at 2:48

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bloginfo() echoes data instead of returning a string. You are looking for:


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echoes, unless echo owns the data. –  random Dec 10 '09 at 2:55
@Crises, roflcopter. –  cballou Dec 10 '09 at 2:55
thanks cballou! you're the man –  Brian Dec 10 '09 at 3:37

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