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I am completely new to SignalR and need to develop a web application.

My Scenario-

I have two aspx page. 1) ActionPage.aspx 2) DispalyPage.aspx

Inside the DispalyPage.aspx, I have one div 'displayDiv'

Inside the ActionPage.aspx, I have one button 'btnaction'

If I click on btnaction(ActionPage.aspx), that time I want to PUSH data in displayDiv (DispalyPage.aspx).

Question- Is it possible that data PUSH from one page to second page?

Any hint on this would be great help. Thanks in advance.

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What type of data you need to push to second page? –  TejasVaishnav Sep 13 '13 at 9:56

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I got the solution using SignalR it self. See the following Method that I have written in the HUB

 public void hubMethod()
           // Call the addNewMessageToPage method to update clients.
           oResult = _ows.call("ana", 1, 1);
            Clients.Group("Display").addNewMessageToMainDisplay( "response is " + oResult);

I have call this method from ActionPage.aspx and client side method "addNewMessageToMainDisplay" I have written in DispalyPage.aspx and its working now

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